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Use the GTA Data Center to extract evidence from our ever-growing database. Follow the steps below to download what interests you.

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1. Choose output type Decide what kind of data you want to retrieve or calculation to perform (see choices below).
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2. Set filters Set the filters of your choice in the filter panel (see our field tooltips or taxonomy document to fully understand each filter).
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Or 2. Choose pre-defined Or search through our range of pre-defined filters to explore data on a various choice of topics.
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3. Shape dataset When choosing to retrieve data involving any kind of calculation, use the processing settings to shape the data to your liking.
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Recent subsidies for EV battery producers
State aid to semiconductors
G20 harmful interventions affecting AfCFTA
State aid to energy-intensive industries
Recent G7 interventions affecting the BRICS
G7 liberalising measures affecting the African Union
Harmful measures by ASEAN
G20 harmful measures affecting the African Union
G20 harmful measures affecting MENA
Harmful measures affecting Central Asia
Economic sanctions linked to the Russia-Ukraine conflict
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Data Type Interventions
GTA entries Export a list including the most important information about each entry.
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Summary statistics Calculate how many policy changes impact a jurisdiction, sector or product.
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Trade estimates See our estimates for potential trade affected by policy changes.

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